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We connect brands with the mass market where it matters most—close to home.

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We’ve redefined the town square experience for brands.

Some of the most significant moments in our history have started with someone standing up on a crate in the middle of their hometown with a megaphone, making their case, and getting a visceral response from their audience.

But in recent times, brands have become lost behind a screen. No one can deny the simple effectiveness of physical presence and word of mouth anymore. The last few years have taught us that much.

We own the last-mile of the informal economy.

CliqueMedia has leveraged parent company CliqueFin‘s network to connect brands with over 30 million people across 140,000 locations around the country and harnessed the insights of the broader group of CliqueFin’s investments to tap into the psychology, consumer behaviour, and financial lives of consumers that make up the “mass market”. These are the unsung everyday heroes of the informal economy, hard-working and upwardly-mobile South Africans who haven’t had the chance to connect with your brand yet.

We take your brand
to where your consumers are.

Not just while scrolling through their social media feed, but where they’re meeting with friends, talking to neighbours, and seeing and hearing from your brand in the places that matter to them. So, instead of resulting in just a virtual “like” on a post, our offerings are impact-makers that also become conversation-starters and conversion-drivers in the real world of your target market. We own one of South Africa’s largest aggregated out-of-home media offerings, creating a unique people-first access point to the untapped township economy. 

Our media offering


Informal Retail Takeover

Till slip branding
External & internal store branding
Foot soldiers


Targeted Engagement

SMS messages
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Push notifications


Digital Media

Website banners
Social media display ads
Digital vouchers

Our path to partnership

Our collaborative approach is the cornerstone of our success. We make it our business to understand yours, collaborate with our clients and media partners, and co-create impactful media solutions. This approach and our deep understanding of the informal economy result in memorable campaigns that resonate with the market and will mobilise your audience from awareness to advocacy.

We deliver targeted communications in formats that resonate with your audience.

Meet the leadership team

Dishi Smit
Chief Executive Officer
Ricardo Albertini
Managing Director
Matthew Steyn
Head of Production
Mikhale Peters
Head of Insights
Eugene Esterhuyse
Business Intelligence Manager
Kgaugelo Habyane
Business Development Manager

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